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We founded Everything Indigenous with one goal in mind: giving our customers the best shopping experience we possibly can. To do so, we’ve designed our store policies to make sure our clients have a fair, rewarding, and enjoyable shopping experience. Protection of your personal information is top priority.

See more about privacy here.

We value humour, Indigenous knowledge, connections, relationships, and honesty. This involves offering timely responses and shipments to our customers as well as engaging in reflections to continuously improve. We will go above and beyond to treat people with truth and respect. Communicating with you is very important to us.

Payments are completed through two methods:

- Credit / Debit Cards (through Square)

- Offline Payments (in person at events)

You can connect with us in a few different ways. 

1. Email -

2. Fill out the contact form Contact

This reads all of the site security features. We have an SSL certificate, TLS 1.3encryption, DDoS protection and Level 1 PCI compliance.


Everything Indigenous provides a variety of products and resources that honor Indigenous culture. To ensure compliance with our legal terms and privacy policy, it is your responsibility to read these policies and periodically review any modifications or updates. By accessing and utilizing our website, you agree to these terms.


The original materials, content, selection, and arrangement of the Website plus all of our designs are protected by copyright and are the exclusive property of Everything Indigenous. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the content of this Website and any of our designs, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. This includes copying, reproducing, posting on any other Website, republishing, uploading, encoding, modifying, translating, publicly performing or displaying, commercially exploiting, distributing, or transmitting any of our content and designs, unless you have obtained express prior written consent from Everything Indigenous. 

The digital downloads available on our website are intended for the exclusive use of the individual who initiates the download. It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, post on any other website, republish, encode, or modify any of the designs downloaded from our website, either in whole or in part, without obtaining prior express written consent from Everything Indigenous. We take this matter seriously and expect our customers to adhere to these terms to protect our intellectual property rights.

Additionally, logos, domain name, or other intellectual property appearing on this Website are owned by Everything Indigenous and may not be used without the prior written consent of Everything Indigenous. Any unauthorized use of the content of this Website or any of our designs may subject you to civil or criminal penalties. 


It is strictly prohibited to employ any computer program, which includes such things as bots, harvesters, or any algorithms, etc. to gain access, acquire, or copy any of the content on this website or the website itself.

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