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  • What is vinyl?
    There are a few different types of vinyl. HTV stands for heat transfer vinyl and it is used for clothing and material. There is permanent vinyl which would be used for anything you want the vinyl to adhere to for a long period of time, eg. kitchenware or vehicles. Removable vinyl would be used when you would like to ability to remove the vinyl from an item easily, eg. a wall or a laptop.
  • What is the difference between our designs and custom designs?
    We have a collection of designs that are finished and waiting to be put on a product of your choice. These are located in our design collections. There are 12 main collections. A custom design would be something you request. An example would be when you want an image of your family placed on a product. There is a price difference depending on the work involved because the custom design would take more time for us to create.

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