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Negha Dágǫht’e

Welby and Michelle

Meet Michelle
and welby

We are a proud Indigenous family living in Canada. As passionate educators, we believe in sharing our knowledge about Indigenous culture, traditions, and history with others. Conscious living is a huge part of this. With 17 years of experience in education, Michelle has developed a deep understanding of the importance of promoting Indigenous education and cultural awareness. Similarly, Welby has been working in the field for four years. Welby is a Fire Keeper and the grandson of a Residential School survivor. Our goal is to create a better understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and traditions to promote inclusion and conscious living. This constitutes a significant element in one's life. It allows individuals to experience a more profound sense of existence and fulfillment. By embracing consciousness, one can attain a higher level of self-awareness, leading to a more meaningful life. Thank you for joining our journey.

"Do not underestimate the power of unity. 
Together, we can accomplish great things,"


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